Sunday, April 1, 2018

Death Wish for Dummies

I’ll take Hume’s mere object
Psychic add-in’s for 100
Placebos & power grabs
What is piece of cake addiction
Booty traps & Pooh Bears

‎Spontaneous & equally immune
What’s the point if we can’t have fun
It’s General Grant’s call to play
He who loves personal ads
magic and divination
the study of books long vigils
licentious pleasures
superstitions of Egypt

Let us drink to frozen images of ourselves
to the blue faction of insects
to Cirrus Cumulus
to the Animus of all containers
to what reality looks like
Nature or The Receptacle
Let us drink to the world
to seeing and being seen, to elbow room
to consciousness & discomfort
to sentience & lack of control

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sophistry will tell

What the words did
or whose grimace left me undone
Bearded lady younger than she actually was
but time folds
subject to appearance
Doubled white the mask
she resembles the mimes
& the skin (which was Andy
Warhol's famous problem)

Is there no moral they said
Run don't walk or look don't think
Two magazines loaded
Definite articles
it's the younger taller
versus what - the taller bolder
One must manage one
self as a slate wiped clean

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear friend of species in their readers

Reason hates me 
marbling meat hooks for what 
for panic and uneven character

I slipped the up word into the down draft
As if my primate rewires habit 
into less visible gains

I love mysteries, eye rolls
What never truly gets inside
X automatically equals X or Y

Signs affirmative or not
Words swallow their neighbors but do not become them
Confined to the body because smallness

Because exclusivity breeds only itself
ending in decline
Against your singular church

Against the jealous Cops
Let us drink to the end of orthodoxy
to the ticket that says ‘admit one’ 

More alive than have ever been dead
Millions wash themselves in light of the moving image
Let us stop here

before poets become polytheists
clowns of fiction
accountants of vigor & empire

before fists of reason 
commit precision 
Militant curiosity 

instrumental at each point
Before thought ascends
& pompous dictates prove nothing

before slag forms 
& carbon rises
before I reach inside to curtain night

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Con of Words

after Canetti

Marched to the city gates
A ban on barricades
bred and raised

Stop here to forget
Spinoza’s run on sentences
Stop to embrace the dog of time
not easily roused‎

Receptive to whistles above

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Best Response

Gave it the old one two
affirmative thump
knock twice for No

The three of us
detourned content
‎as he went down

One steps up on it
as a new continent
wimpered like a dog

Let us assume no assumptions
derivative outlawed
the moon's repetitions

Gaia’s bindweed
against immanence
stowed away at inner core‎

Decision wants
the generous pour
unmeasured glee

To run up alongside
each illegible memoir
surveilling future

For the world’s faceplant
Beeswax plunder
‎Hive fives

To flush away grievance
I don’t need your poem
‎tooting its horn

Some cowboy dialectic
against the non-poetic
theory of poetics

Monday, January 1, 2018

Man from UNCLE

Character acting
said the Methodist
I got to hand it to her

As we travel from apple to orange
betrayed by a kiss
metonymy never tasted so good

Dear Conrad
In the mad-house of tragic mopers
beneath your shadow

Mechanical Turk exchanged
pawns beheaded bishops
No antidote for what feeds on its own

no upside for Brownshirts
no piece of work
no downside for blackcake surrealists

Because rehearsed & scorned
because lower limit chivalry
Charity full stop 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Creative Self Destruct

Hungry for conjugal verbs
Predictive coding
feeling where to insert our poetic machine
Sentience before the word
or suicide by cop

In the almanac of human emotions
the decision happens to me
Tabula rasa for actuaries
My laminate error
gilded or guilty
cock teasing or tasing

The infantry are more direct
Mere headlines don’t talk back
Versed in Grumpy
Erased in Sleepy
Invisible words respond with good fortune
Dwarfs of latent depth