Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Best Response

Gave it the old one two
affirmative thump
knock twice for No

The three of us
detourned content
‎as he went down

One steps up on it
as a new continent
wimpered like a dog

Let us assume no assumptions
derivative outlawed
the moon's repetitions

Gaia’s bindweed
against immanence
stowed away at inner core‎

Decision wants
the generous pour
unmeasured glee

To run up alongside
each illegible memoir
surveilling future

For the world’s faceplant
Beeswax plunder
‎Hive fives

To flush away grievance
I don’t need your poem
‎tooting its horn

Some cowboy dialectic
against the non-poetic
theory of poetics

Monday, January 1, 2018

Man from UNCLE

Character acting
said the Methodist
I got to hand it to her

As we travel from apple to orange
betrayed by a kiss
metonymy never tasted so good

Dear Conrad
In the mad-house of tragic mopers
beneath your shadow

Mechanical Turk exchanged
pawns beheaded bishops
No antidote for what feeds on its own

no upside for Brownshirts
no piece of work
no downside for blackcake surrealists

Because rehearsed & scorned
because lower limit chivalry
Charity full stop 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Creative Self Destruct

Hungry for conjugal verbs
Predictive coding
feeling where to insert our poetic machine
Sentience before the word
or suicide by cop

In the almanac of human emotions
the decision happens to me
Tabula rasa for actuaries
My laminate error
gilded or guilty
cock teasing or tasing

The infantry are more direct
Mere headlines don’t talk back
Versed in Grumpy
Erased in Sleepy
Invisible words respond with good fortune
Dwarfs of latent depth

Orange Julius

“I have never seen a thin person drinking diet coke”

Pump twice for Big Gulp
Mr Big Shot comes cream colored
Place lid & use straw to stir
then went down to ungodly seas

No deck chairs I insist
It’s a mafia trick
Free lunch breeds obligation
Check please!

Trust me, no shoulder shrugs
no accounting
it will be extraordinary
How I bow to bookthugs and beseech ye

Hear not and trust not
or you’ll feel nothing
just stand down as they stand up
bad jokes do nothing 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

My peeps are temporary peeps

Footfaults and alleyways
‎that run from what communes
Exiles with pleats

The jokes they must be telling
Whatever you do
don't say no at the meeting

I am working now for the inner agency 
My life in X
It's why eagles have an entourage

Seagulls with the marginal swagger
they buried him in his Adidas‎
Rabble with the greatest hit

Died of poptimism 
Planked in 20 minutes
I will have to get back to you

Meet me on the pier
‎years later 
to touch the wound

Saturday, November 18, 2017


‎The finest lips you've never seen
the sweetest lisp
full of screams

The bluest sky
the greenest green
like a beautiful child
to last a year‎

Monday, November 13, 2017

Denial of Service # 3

You look like cops
Abiding muscular blue
Gains and losses
Blind accumulation

What nice straddles and curves
Bought in order to give proof
Stop already

Condensed dream
The small penis of the other
Inconvenient colleague
More by cookery than by conquest

Please submit enhancement request
for expression
as it connects fact
Please my brother

Bring those murdered
& thrown in sea
Beach Blanket Babylon
The cinematic alarm

Paid for colour
in negative space
Paid fees for certificates
diplomas and degrees

Swept barbershop
Disciplinary cluster
For inner and outer
genres of fact

What’s attached to privilege
Sacred cows & tin gods
Intuition that lip syncs
Attack of the proper nouns