Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Queer Silence/Noise

Next AU reading includes Jonathan Katz's essay on John Cage's Queer Silence or How to Avoid Making Matters Worse - which raises questions about modes of resistance, and intersects with Robin James thinking about how we might resist being co-opted by the regime of neoliberalism.  

Robin James"The point is to make signals that, when co-opted, skew the balance and bend the circuit- sort of like retroviruses and malware. Critical delinquency generates noise that isn't noisy in the "right" ways (and thus might not even register as noise), queer noise that, when it gets co-opted, distorts the processes it is supposed to support."  

Cage via Katz: 
"Protest movements could quite easily, and despite themselves, lead in the opposite direction, to a reinforcement of law and order.... protest is all too often absorbed into the flow of power, because it limits itself to reaching for the same old mechanisms of power, which is the worst way to challenge authority!"  

"The goal is thus not to challenge power, but to escape it.... what makes noise a noise is precisely its freedom from an preordained conceptual or ideological system. Thus music permeates culture, and our culture permeates music; change one and you change the other."  

Katz's essay on Cage also suggests a tangent on Buddhism, which seems to lead toward Zizek's (somewhat controversial) critique of Buddhism. 

eg, Tim Morton"I am nauseated by [Zizek's] repetition of asinine Hegelianisms about buddhism.  [But] I generally admire and respect what Zizek has to say about anything. [And] I actually agree, from a certain point of view, with what he says about buddhism: for example, as an indictment of western New Age interpretations that are also intrinsic to certain eastern forms of buddhism.  I nevertheless completely disagree with the substance of his arguments which are based on a common Hegelian misunderstanding of the soteriological aims of  buddhism."

All of this is perhaps unrelated to Jody Rosen's spectacular essay on Eva Tanguay, the first rock star. Thinking of Attali's Noise, Tanguay is perhaps an example of music as a herald of social change. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Could use a cocktail of a more scientific american - one that is 
other-regarding, a friendly operative

Checked my boredom
Voiced each inch
Dreamt I was paid to watch
to self-police
to borrow & bar none
to break house & pots

Young robin throws itself
nose to glass into its own reflection
Tear down thy vanity
Is it right to use all tools
all schools to exploit
to tear down the master's house
to knock down
the precariat fight
to find oneself alone
frail subject bigger
beneath familiar map
Future ghost
salted with salutes
each insignia numb to stimuli
love & tenderness to trump
to impose names with kisses

It is exclamation’s high spot
the brandscape traversed
I learned to spell what’s past
to scream mismatch
to frame bloodflow
to weigh terms
the non-site exposed
or struck – her bite
a trajectory both black and blue
Consistently dead
on deep background
the function of neurons
simplistic addiction
libidinal engineer

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Post-Ironic Spambot

"It's an unfortunate iron that walks stiffly over us, pressing our clothes. I miss the comforts of a baggy garment which covers everything while revealing very little."

-from a prefatory note on wax world

Perhaps the point is to embrace the irony that is all around us, ie, to get past it?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Running With The Rabbits

No one claimed
Refusal to take
What’s monstrous to one
To sing the love of danger
to destroy museums
and sing of great crowds
Excited by work, by pleasure
by the utter fool
who does not want to serve as model

By thunderclap
Final proof for good citizens
New morality for moralists

for the libidinal front

Stoned to death
& with death
Carthage itself
and all Africa
soldier of fortune
with indelible cash

of our own repose
officer of monastic life
of equal arrogance and injustice
perfidious extremes
in the new language

Every vice
Faith at Egypt
Three and thirty strokes
King of treachery
Let us withdraw means
Burn our vessels
Exclaim distaff
Remarkable day and days
Disgraced in council and action

Let us doubt therefore
the face, the figures
the abandon
& remain
beat up by the event

Unable to suspend
I made myself into a sandwich
A new hypnotic Crusoe
went all sleeping beauty on me
sighing troubadour
by any other name

It’s all Kryptonite
I’m listening
to a mediocre
Sad sister of Zeus
downstairs from our hotel
No plural possessive
google-ganged up on me
No mother of higher order
Heterodox economy
all knocked up

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walk In Dandy

Cross hairs of replenished
Stage the ache then
Ping me
Gender is not enough
Loyal to see who cares
To see who winds my ass
In your hand

The career befuddle

Please stop by
Cook me till I'm done
Gift me regards
Next week shall be the end
I prefer insults
Softball hits for
Competitive snitching
I did not recognize
Free market fish

We climbed the stairs
Past parentheses
Past Russian dolls
The long slope of my heel
Transparent pour
For liquid steed
We subsist on hors d'oeuvres
Crawling outside
Work on empty
For bait

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Text Spill

-for BK

Take my muttering
Take crenulation that bays between lips
Diction‎ that sat on a commode
Take Mr. Scallop in nuclear shade

Dorsal recriminations
Teething coasts‎ by
Fluttery brushstroke
Gale force estrangement
Ampersand of future
Lifelines and wave form

Pavement opens
To street talk
Rift of described use
The end of background checks
Test of acceleration
& our eradication
‎At Cheyenne Livestock
& Products Inc.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Literature as unbuilt architecture -- courtesy Cesar Aira

‎"She dreamed of the building on top of which she was sleeping... as it was now, that is, under construction.

"The difference (between dreams and reality) in this case was reflected in the architecture, which is, in itself, a reciprocal mirroring of what has already been built and what will be built eventually. The all-important bridge between the two reflections was provided by a third term: the unbuilt.

"The architectural key to the built / unbuilt opposition, which analogies fail to capture, is the flight of time toward space. And dreaming is that flight....
Except in fables, people sleep in houses. Even if the houses haven't yet been built. And therein, perhaps lies the origin, the original cell, of the sedentary life. While habits, whether sedentary or nomadic, are made of time, dreams are time-free. Dreams are pure space, the species arrayed in eternity. That exclusivity is what makes architecture an art.

‎"The Australians...postulate a primal builder, whose work they presume only to interpret... beyond verification.. A time of sleeping.

"These intellectual dandies, these spinsters, these curious Aborigines make sure their eyes are closed while events take place, which allows them to see places as records of events.

"...geography as simple as it is effective: the point and the line... represented by the halt and the journey."

-Cesar Aira, from Ghosts