Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lost premise

How little do I need to say
to be part of the conversation

Three or four buses
crossed the street into the shop
I dreamt of an airpocket
where it doesn't rain
I watched it race along streets
your storm of wakefulness
blind spot to account for
More negative please

Monday, March 18, 2019

Shiny object

I lack all feeling for
what speaks thru parentheses
If gesture cut loose
wrangled yet undefined
I punched the mirror
it’s my repugnant theatre
I chose the tangent
internalized the negative
& sold myself a bill of goods

Have I told you the story of the
ventriloquized scream
(she says she is in pain)
We seek pencil on paper
a deadpan translation
& struggle for stubborn facts
so that the weak may triumph
if there were time to take time
I would subtract myself
& yield to the senator from Minnesota or Maine
or rather opt for nullset or muzzle
& question my body's response
answers captive to the memory of music
I lack all feel for what speaks
(night in which all cows were black)
Paradise if you don’t mind the extremes
the outliers the laughter the tumultuous
drone the placebo
The intoxication coupled in place
with complicit tears

I lack all feeling for
what speaks thru parentheses
(discourse of the unsaid)
exempt from superego
We found your reciprocal angel at the 99 cent store
A barbarism absent all ideology
how to mimic doxa
(inseam of digestive tract)
how to return the pitched ball
how to become proximate cause
to the point of indifference

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The miserablist

Every selection, every decision, is a little violence. The artist who cut off his hand to display it in a self-portrait. The end of the hand in contemporary painting. A phantom limb.

Here comes denial
no possibility of change
Here comes eyeroll

They said leave no footnotes
they said don’t fire until you see the whites
the eggshells the blood orange communes

Let us extinguish light and shadow
Let us reverse cinematic shock
& abolish magic machismo

They set out to destroy thatched huts
social compunction until sodality goes poof
until heroic fade to black

Frantic circuit to synapse
Remember the empire state
plates handpainted irradiated

They said believe nothing
they said manipulate yourself
Motto for self-cannibalizing hole-in-one

Leaderless flak jacket
immune from stunts and strategies
our puritan misanthrope refused to look back

I liked your interior stylesheet
almost no punctuation
commas but no periods

If I embrace the alien
I’d stand six feet under

We succumbed to Occam’s signature cut
& fell in with the in crowd
his emoticons her Moby Dick

Here comes denial
no possibility of change
Here comes eyeroll

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Signal distortion

-for Charles

Did you see the headline
Unrest spreading to grain markets
Intense handhold explained in code
I uncover nostrils
& take my poison straight
Dueling neurons
for the quantum leap I want
to feel the lives of those lost

If memory is triggered by a virus
I desire to be infected
I want to blank the blanks that Jack built
Frequency dependent
linear in gain with unstable levels

When the stars are struck
paparazzi in jars
work to collect us
We pretend to act
Film stills out of the question
working to dominate ourselves
Mouth to mouth
against comic destinations
our transit pass
the difference between anecdote
and antidote

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Send the thief

By internal logic
out of books
into the ruts
of unfruitful meditation

We wait for radiant heat
for ink to dry, for uncoolant
for the initial corrupt
It is time for sad scholars
to make a pile of cash
for the mock elite
for rigorous quaking fist
for unreliable sump
time for sunsets & expertise 

Let’s send the thief
pwned intensity
all click & drag
spider pants & porn
the problem with masses
robots in service of song

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Hot dog hysterian

                  -after the village explainer

something about a dust jacket
something something about pounding fascists
& then we went down to the slip
illegible as the tender night

you talked as if you were living in a cloud
as if the line that once connected us
heh don't touch! You’ve already
stolen too many calories per hectare
as your fuselage creeps south
truncated due to size
the most private blemish
bigger than anything
tattooed enough to shout
count me out

I want the non-transferable book
my little blacklist
squeezed into a closed fist

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Naked brutalism (Lone Ranger & Popeye edition)

You not we
Mr Bigley not George Jetson

Binaries not fill-in-the-blank
Spinach & vegemite

Olive not garbanzo
Exhaustion not exuberance