Sunday, June 26, 2016

Say love your hurt reason

Say Murder - now for the real thing!
For good or evil engaged
For spectacle
For a magical and orgiastic state
For heights fortified with knowledge
This one is beautiful very beautiful
Just as Hercules is useless very useless
Epicurus set down his weapons
Hydra boar lion - the forum covered with corpses

This Oedipal connotation as in
Contraries cohabited in the black box
If you are an African American debtor
Less monstrous burning clouds
We froze upon hitting the air
Shipwreck perhaps with 30k survivors
Her hair shall have what color it pleases

For mortality as Melville understood it
For the mind of North America
Sliced in three - no house, ship or palace
In pursuit of fast food sponsors
Mouths minds and markets
‎Squadrons and adventurous kings

Saturday, June 25, 2016



This is a funny face and this

A clown recognizing itself

This window was the same joke

Where not an inch but an abrupt

Word endlessly repeated

Thirty-thousand feet in error


This word invites the mind to a cliff, to follow the impossible

trail of what's wet. But having walked too far, tolerance is now

an insult. Your skin never remembers. It was the literal snow

reading the stain that torture served. So beyond in your plummet,

it holes out to know nothing.  At last, a word seized the communal

bulletin of almosts. Counting days until someone puts a

pineapple together, it's still your blue, your citron.


A tongue called reason

Performs where there is no wheel

The same goes for your limbs

In the nostalgia for, rather than of --

One of these terms is called arrival and departure

My mouth is trained to answer


There are none for the hole you described

The tool called slab submits nothing

Something a sovereign removed

But the rock or letter no one owns

Gives its own name


The books (this book) when the weather is ripe. Not crows

when logic describes us. As if authority's word balloon is

building to a point. As if impossible verbs grow down to a

child's secret address.

See above (agreement) without the editor I hope to have. This I

stands, forming a queue habit in the gap it cannot. If my hand

could bend to a likeness, its hero would appear. A point seeking

hold from the neck down. Unable to be able, you are not.

Which means three syllables in a name.

But how consume buzzwords of adjusted worth

When even novelty is no longer new?

Remember, it was the words

Placed this asterisk next to your address.


Letters come to think uncreated remarks are going to scold you.

The censor of any one versus the risk of losing the door. A claim

can or does by alternate readings but is never free to lose the

terms underway. For who can, will -- without calling the

animal out of the game. Living outside therefore, cannot -- by

repetition, since: a) nature conceals and b) science does not think.


Not to oversleep the

Sun -- no element of bolt

Lists to the pain

Not aches through the passing

Fire as if a join looks

Into the true is. Myth favors

What all to all sets

Only the cause of kindles

Or the grasp of sleeping

To the exhaustive call

Where I is finally



Saying is

(finally) the point

Of what few

Words please

    Monday, May 30, 2016

    Bound by pipes

    “History is an array of idiots, sociopaths, murderers and bores, punctuated with an occasional rational one – whose life is cut short.”

    Empire bathed in fire
    Each smile a grimace
    Laughing by number
    One semi-colon at a time

    I can’t cotton to flames
    To convey how Debt
    Subjects itself to itself
    Unquenchable diagram
    Long face or miracle

    These our islands
    In which we rededicate space
    All the more stuffed with Latin
    Adorable Greek companions
    Figments of fictive formulae
    In the public professions
    With less purchase on transitory life

    Dear most-human Human
    Who wiggles down runways
    Who promenades
    Dancing with the Ecclesiastics
    The most pious or foreign
    Colonials hitched to social ambition
    To obscure privacy in sensational life

    What trauma sleeps
    In milder opinion
    Mouth smashed
    Distinction of noses
    To sample the other’s blood

    Thursday, May 12, 2016

    Inflexible rigor (circular saw)

    Innocent of flesh
    No nation
    Under ceremony or novel vantage
    No stronger ardor

    Poured out of Christ
    Useless ungodly plaything
    Fleshy hand innocent of Ephesus
    Impossible sensation

    How each patriot spells
    Appeasement equal to
    Distress in another’s name
    Borrowed religion walled up in words

    Some gadfly connects
    To Lucian’s law
    To a collision of rock & coin
    To citizens as capacitors

    Running from the ancients
    In consequence to their queen
    Clerics raised a column and crossed the aisle
    Each bishop whose scepter

    Usurps the fancy apostates
    Idol-loving judge innocent of repose
    His need for love loves love
    Polished and taxed to perfection

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    Morosely arraigned (the younger)

    Compare the suppression of princes

    The terror of seventeen
    They exercised six and entertained the Stoics

    Every primitive
    Every single family

    The abolition of beasts sanctioned
    Another commune
    Miraculous shrine
    As Socrates prepared for war

    Let us drink to victims
    Take profit from the listing ship

    Take the city and denounce the king

    Monday, April 25, 2016

    Actuated by the various

    Was it extreme to appear difficult
    To walk with mistaken pride
    & the guilt of temper

    To situate the primitive roar
    Restored to the merit of the bride
    As bachelors possessed hapless

    Officers of a latent noun
    How invent the conspiracy in us
    Lost or omitted in the riches of Rome

    Philosophy blushed
    It is the future
    Obliged to turn sufficient numbers

    Festivals exaggerate
    As earthquakes downsize
    Superior industries

    Squatting progress in Garden City
    Sustainable occasions among the profane
    No longer suited to their example

    Crazy Eddies unravel
    And cross the line
    Power in New Jersey air

    Inflexible chant of love
    Purchased splendor of all downy splendor
    Feathered circles at both ends

    Saturday, April 23, 2016

    But first these words, dear apologist

    It is first and words
    The cornered clergy balk
    Failing to engage the most
    private Failing to detect
    what faith never returned

    Wonderful heretics
    Smaller prejudice
    Derided by art
    Even the ties of faith
    Happy cultivars
    Of unresisting fashion

    We lament the decisive
    and toast to the office of supernatural bends
    Let us (quote) dispense with their heads!
    As credit improves
    few barbarians perform in light
    Exposing the sands
    Pleasure resembles
    Hand to hand
    What nature insults as cause
    Believing only in feet
    In the accurate exercise
    To work the course
    Immortalized in devotion

    A providence to love
    Deeply effected

    Its horror ate that church