Saturday, April 11, 2015

Refusal to keep accounts

If communism is in large part a refusal to keep accounts, then one could make a case for a less narrative poetics, i.e., not obsessed with its own(ed) accounts?

We too easily forget that "these" 3 bananas do not equal "those" 3‎ bananas? The abstraction of number doesn't work well with Plato's idea - ideal image of what stands behind appointed objects.

In other words, the particular/concrete doesn't have universal equivalents? Money is inherently abstract.

‎It is amusing that the etymology of philanthropy is very much the same as the etymology of philanderer.  The etymology = Love + (hu)man.

Not sure what money has to do with it?  Are these two different aspects or articulations of the economy of excess: one emphasizing accumulation and the other emphasizing expenditure?

Do philanthropists necessarily embrace the anthropocene? No. I think the philanthropist loves the genre /abstraction of man - and pays tribute. Philanderers love specific instances of the human - and they spend themselves- directly throwing themselves at and into the lives/bodies of these specific humans.

The antidote to the patriarchy packed into these two ugly terms may be 'polyandry'?

If I could tell a joke it would start: these three bananas walked into a bar...

from Bartleby for Peter Culley

Remember leisure poets who invert the body’s response?  They yield to an earlier image, back when fruit dots were candies of the gods.  A twilit lozenge in the wake of dawn’s burst.  Dispatched to that suckling place – a pure exposure or announcement before skin.  That’s the ticket, pleased to admit one.  A baby shower that delivers a pillar from the waif.  Advertisements followed by popcorn and sticky feet.  The Magi caught looking can’t get enough.  Dead letters arrive just in time.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Welcome to the Philanthropocene

defacto loss leaders
breastless spigot
for honeyed image
for brute
with the monied eyes

my other glasses
emerald wides
recharged on the grid
keep their own accounts

narrative loss

write it down

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Money an autobiography

"Where we learn we are not autonomous"

Poetry hates me
Not enough energy to get there
Faith akin to
Possible tomorrows
Space shipped for terraforms

For unconscious
Brunch on available bodies
Zombie poets‎
Erasing traces
Tastes so good

‎Goods made in the
Untrue domestication
Fan made
Twin logic

That is an allusion to
Paranoia and narcissism
Turning shit into gold
Or vice versa
Symphony of all you can eat

‎Will you take
Tentacles of Bigfoot
Wet concepts
Beneath plunge line‎
To hold and cherish

Yes I do, I am that asshole
Chopped liver
At cultural white space
At stage IV
gelatinous ‎z ero

Out of lame life
‎No bond
No lance for hire
No temporary employ
Spare me or spear me

‎Universal equivalent
Seeks Dynamo Boy
We who are that other
At sea in the vice
Grip of the thing itself

Saturday, February 7, 2015

One nation under a groove

And then there were two
The next number
Mass destruction
Finger food
Past the point of annoyance

I want a sentence
to aerate soil
Call it a Parlement of fowls
A verse to have and hold
A prelubed song
Bird to call my own

I want bite-sized
Blowback by design
If he wakes
All bets are off

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inverse Set

After the doublebind‎'s
neither nor
Even Kansas
Valley girl hopscotch
The ferocity level
one believes in
‎after afterparties
that ache

Too much
paramutual feeling
warts and all
Too boxed in to
hit perfecta

Pyramid schematics
trump eharmony
Sacrificial iamb
Alien embrace
means what it says
predictive model

We are all Sans papiers
Silent logic
Thumbs forget
The record collection I enact
Flipping song
Mimetic chant
& no fixed employ
& yet this is what
victory looked like
Two cycle engine
in the dark
to her snore