Monday, February 20, 2017

New logo for geode

Leaning in
in plastic embrace

Desire for ear
for nosebleed for another
cloak in M-dash
Mother of all intimate touch

Similes or
less words

Colony Collapse Disorder

I flushed my masculine
product down the tubes
‎All four eyes
one at a time

Sequence preset to concrete
If boundaries = death
all threats ascend
to the power of verse

My analogue queen
is Miss Recognition
the beauty contestant
who lost her aesthetic powers

Beyond cognition
My jealous god skipped
ahead to read backwards
Let’s drink to Heimlich maneuvers

Out with it Dear!
I was yours
truly an oddity
in search of an end

Monday, February 6, 2017

Jesus draws a blank

There is no scene
No revolution of I don't care
All bullshit jobs
Birkinis & bikinis
because recognition will kill us

No middle way to worry
No alien vernacular
No varnish stain
winnowing its way upstream
We sprang to – to soil
life in the soft buzz
of the topical cave

Failing to learn each according to each
failing to embrace each shadow made
because despondency
because I mean who are you
some ‎Girl band
pirate with that labored look
stolen at the scene of production

You're free to think
what’s unhoused and dirtier
‎at elitist Dog and Pony
subject to this
Kingdom of Pure affection
enjoying communal bath
Purity the echo that contradicts

Monday, December 19, 2016

Shaman is aware

        -after David Bromige

How have we come
home & landed

Palms up & out to say
how we fail to be astonished

how readers lost in mud
seek what's not held down

How hostility
story boarded for stimulation

unopened‎ at house of doors
How Carl’s was not a house at all

How blunt precision
Pickup smashing pickup

Tree under tree
at newly laid blacktop

How shaman is aware

Saturday, November 26, 2016

For Victory, For Defeat

They say squirrels can only count to three, after which they return to the nest for confirmation. They say humans learn to count beyond themselves, after which all nests are pillaged.

I mean every defecation (sorry) isn't ironic
Enter Sandman
Every conspiracy might be us
Equal meaning in every what
Are we not men
Tool sheds
Out of body expertise

Bundles of terms 
On sale now
Bungled by

Militant means
Dead objects in short lines
Rut and groove
Too much drama
Between you and
Please call home

This stanza
Just in time
Dismembered prospect

Unmarked flesh
Caution: Promethean zone
Abject muscle
Heroic flame

These inane boils
Head over heel
Uncured ham
Contingent subtraction
Carny barkers
Proof of concept
Clowns Unlimited
Lost mobility
@ Laughing Gas Enterprises

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Desolee - in memoriam JJM

For water
Unconditional surrender
For the welling of emotion
For this feeling of sorrow
Bottomless depth
Tsunami alert
for the end of things
that don't really end
‎For the distraction that allows us to persist
For bellowing in the distance
For the concrete detail
For the here and here and
For the abstract flock
For eagle & 100 crows
This is our harbor
These our tears