Monday, April 25, 2016

Actuated by the various

Was it extreme to appear difficult
To walk with mistaken pride
& the guilt of temper

To situate the primitive roar
Restored to the merit of the bride
As bachelors possessed hapless

Officers of a latent noun
How invent the conspiracy in us
Lost or omitted in the riches of Rome

Philosophy blushed
It is the future
Obliged to turn sufficient numbers

Festivals exaggerate
As earthquakes downsize
Superior industries

Squatting progress in Garden City
Sustainable occasions among the profane
No longer suited to their example

Crazy Eddies unravel
And cross the line
Power in New Jersey air

Inflexible chant of love
Purchased splendor of all downy splendor
Feathered circles at both ends

Saturday, April 23, 2016

But first these words, dear apologist

It is first and words
The cornered clergy balk
Failing to engage the most
private Failing to detect
what faith never returned

Wonderful heretics
Smaller prejudice
Derided by art
Even the ties of faith
Happy cultivars
Of unresisting fashion

We lament the decisive
and toast to the office of supernatural bends
Let us (quote) dispense with their heads!
As credit improves
few barbarians perform in light
Exposing the sands
Pleasure resembles
Hand to hand
What nature insults as cause
Believing only in feet
In the accurate exercise
To work the course
Immortalized in devotion

A providence to love
Deeply effected

Its horror ate that church

Friday, April 22, 2016

By shy, a leading gesture

Panels of lost truck. How belonging lands in gossip – cult of shrinking assertion. How we sit, with pets, in the triangulation garden. How there is no meadow where deciduous debate prepares for fall. How life pushed thru until its given frame bursts.

Impulse jumps ahead, incapable theatre fighting shy of each iris – a blur open against corrective vision.

Foreclosing any loop of progress, demonstration hurries us to an opinion. Her Portrait of Stalin sketched in stark lines. Each utterance part of the fabled body. Ahead of the opulent flourish, above an obstinate body, she bites her tongue.

Each occasion assists the great. Proof of proper nouns. Action in intervals, violence in the motion across. Impossible daemons spent in bishops.

It’s the same analogy to the same cause. Precincts liquefy in thirds, your distance banked to my bank. It’s the conversation claim on a considerable church. The undaunted portion is filth.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Century of exceptions (infernal alt)

Languid monsters
acquire hostile style
Arms insensibly shortened
Monks faint if obedience offends
Belief in the progress of verbs
In infancy no truth admits
Charity and moderation
By precise sums men
among causeways admit
propensities for greater error
Sophistry of the most vigilant
Secret bishops of the eminent stain

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Arboreal Class

Or how to embrace / brackets of telepathy

More more not mere mere
Vice president of vice
all the names
Director of habit
to recite the entire sonnet
Only one minion
My ROI is falling dear Shakespeare
as I say this

‎For lower center of gravity
for regions of flesh
‎bottom heavy mass
even the uneven ridge
Imperfections to enrich
each percent

Sunday, February 28, 2016

House Unpoetic

Epigraphs suppressed

We want a poetry without words
Or words without poetry

Refusing to stay dead
Always more interior
Mannequins spelled incorrect
Even Cindy Sherman's apostrophe
was deeply disappointed

Footnotes baked in ‎
Contrary embrace
Utopian argument
For the other eye
for uncomfortable

At turkey shoot
High school roster
Ones own formative class
Expertise in hazing
Merely us versus them
Call it Heartfelt applause
but please "shut the fuck up!"

Lead singer's unconscious cakewalk
leads to the soft
sharps and the harpies
Collaged ambition
in the coldest place
Collection of cardboards
Rendered in chest hair
Acritical collage
Signed Happy Camper

For an hour
I was super happy
Surface imperfection
Killing me softly
And get well
Drinks for a buck fifty

She was a poet and a fighter
Upside down cake
Stripped bare
Thus the righteous
Exclusion whose roots
Pronounced boldface
Pronounced oneupmanship

Dear Rimbaud:
The price of transgression
is pleased to thank you
Spineless sting Ray
at house of barbs
for machine read glitch

Let us lacerate the venom
As if I were a fish
Pussycat of the sea

Man what kind of fish would I be?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Richard Mittenthal 11.19.26 - 1.23.16

Arbitrator Seeks Immortality:
Grievance Denied