Thursday, January 10, 2019

Math Rock (SRO)

                  Godzilla at Hotel Palenque

Out of the meth lab
& into the gym
I see aluminum foil
disco lights
the better to receive what's outside

I count on
no calculating angel
This exercise brigade
turtlenecks and topiary
stomping it out 
& trucking it in
the flames of Lenny & Steve
Patrick & DeeDee
Your name here leads to more tears
Pierre Menard and so forth
more dramatic yet unreadable
uncharted schools
& bottom fishing expertise

To surveille friendly fire
I count on
no calculating angel
Concavity ducts for
tedium bounce

Only then did I seek
unshaped digits
bodices and bong rips
dropcloth fires
what to do with whippets
wool cloaks
stripped of insignia 
bleeding reverb
& clean drumwork

Dear Calculating Angel
I count on
no warrantless urge
no mock mock
at minimum minimum

Time's arrow
clothed in dreams
sticks & stones
nature's number
no blackbox
no artifice to shed
thought capacity of one
solidified in image

A petal factory
soldered to the logic gates
she loves me
she loves me not

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

And Found

Most likely due to sea conditions
Wages paid to date, if any
Through sin to worldly alienation

Memory of life
Even our ability to recollect it
The capacity to provide productive tension

Play of abstracts
How to recover from defeat
All confidence

For a little while
In the swamp of matter
In a monologic insanity

The status of being unique
Dissipated narrative
I mean velocity

Its rectifying force
The sword of power between us
Death in order to save

Lazarus who already smells bad
Terror and oppression

His right hand
Its hold on time
Power in a continuous manner

Momentum again
Its sound properties

Brutalize its
Ability to revert
The chorus that captions

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Fallacy of the perfect dictionary

I want battalions
No metaphor or fact
Beautiful horse or storm
With a chance it will kill

Passed out to perfection
Too close to repulse
Our adrenal event
Celebrates the scepter class

The shadow defense
Happily draped
Nothing but an effect
You are confirmed in seat 21C

Goosefat & gristle
Caws to muscle
Who's buried in the floor
Who wants to know

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Equalizer - Third Series

PDF of The Equalizer #3 - with bookmarks for sections

If you download, it's a bit easier to navigate. Thx to editor Michael Schiavo.

Samuel Ace
Jeff Alessandrelli
Zachary Anderson
Rae Armantrout
Steve Barbaro
Alan Bernheimer
Elizabeth Bevilacqua
Cathleen Bonner
Ana Bozicevic
Julian Talamantez Brolaski
Simon Brown
Megan Burns
Jenna Cardinale
Ching-In Chen
Lauren Rose Clark
Shane Clements
Clark Coolidge
Jack Davis
Jordan Davis
Shira Dentz
Christopher DeWeese
Cody Donovan
Trezlen Drake
Carolina Ebeid
Zack Finch
Jessica Fisher
Graham Foust
Benjamin Friedlander
Schuyler Greenway
Phillip Griffith
Luke Hankins
Nathan Hauke
Maximilian Heinegg
Destiny Hemphill
Walidah Imarisha
Mason Just
Robin Kirby
Michael Lally
Ricardo Alberto Maldonado
Carlos Gomez Marquez
Maya Marshall
Charlie Martin
Farid Matuk
Charlee Meiners
Lynn Melnick
Catherine Meng
Sharon Mesmer
Philip Metres
Robert Mittenthal
Gina Myers
Sanjana Nair
Urayoán Noel
Alice Notley
Dylan Nutter
Jena Osman
John Pluecker
Alex Quinn
Raquel Salas Rivera
Anthony Robinson
Judith Roitman
Jan Sanderson
Adam Strauss
Jacob Sunderlin
Eileen R. Tabios
Adam Tedesco
TC Tolbert
Gabriella Torres
Sarah Trudgeon
Jennifer Tseng
Vickie Vértiz
Emylisa Warrick
Afaa Michael Weaver
Stephen Scott Whitaker
Geoffrey Young
Timothy Yu

Monday, December 17, 2018


I trust the hammer
Idyllic tears & tributaries
back basin echo to sign the air
to trap the fish

Your low center of gravity
somersaults to evade
Niagara’s request
was it Destroy all monsters or the MC5
lacking the love Iggy required
Stooges unable to answer

A riot not a strike
no misnomer
happily withdrawn
Cave of our own making
how do you spell
lost words how do you spell
missing ingredient
your article too kind
the Utopian airways
boat floating all boats
what is or equals
echo and Narcissus

I rest my case
painful letters cascade
loop after loop
here to perform the vanishing trick
Haunted illusion
false to its own memory
They say it is curtains
named for the Roman gods
who hammered the water

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Duck and Coverlet

Full glass
take half
yogurt & salt
submerge in olive oil
apply pepper

Repeat the following week
Recipe for form
clipped back into sound
Our ship hidden
hounded by gulls
absent the foul taste

Denial is a siren song
I dreamt I was in the engine car or caboose
someone said do not feel what you are feeling
do not enter the arms of the feral beast
this is how the world ends
Follow the marching ants & form a ball
a bridge in which the future is written
A world of diagrams & intercept points

p.s. once upon a time
we booked the boathouse not fire island
she taught her Mac clone to say bootlicker!
it said you’re goin’ down

Thursday, December 13, 2018

It's after the end of the world

‎I'd seen him
singing Soviet songs on his stroll

If we were centipedes
Lost in our own footnotes
What new light trapped inside

I tied tubes
walked to the shoal
Another day at the thought collective
Sound of ducks landing
on the interstate
Motioned to appeal the motion
Imprisoned in the wave that follows
Beyond where we can see

6 minutes to dissolve
to undermine this moment
red hull 
stars on the sea