Sunday, September 18, 2022

Treatise on Spit and Eternity

Owner of proper nouns

this body prefers the high horse

barefoot in a barrage of images


No stocking feet

no voice better than

a kiss against itself


Against the unity of representations

could this really be poetry’s plan

how to abolish itself


How to take that categorical imperative &

shove the value form

how to spit out the old master


Preoccupied before each bodily fault

drinking in each caress

Raised buttons


where muscles park

How to pronounce 

the marbleized swarm


Tracing gravestones

dead letters

astonished to be alive


Here to celebrate the broken hammer

lost in a cathedral of trees

carnivores in pursuit of a body to be divided


The bird beside me

as white collar primitives

picked me clean



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