Sunday, December 31, 2017

Creative Self Destruct

Hungry for conjugal verbs
Predictive coding
feeling where to insert our poetic machine
Sentience before the word
or suicide by cop

In the almanac of human emotions
the decision happens to me
Tabula rasa for actuaries
My laminate error
gilded or guilty
cock teasing or tasing

The infantry are more direct
Mere headlines don’t talk back
Versed in Grumpy
Erased in Sleepy
Invisible words respond with good fortune
Dwarfs of latent depth

Orange Julius

“I have never seen a thin person drinking diet coke”

Pump twice for Big Gulp
Mr Big Shot comes cream colored
Place lid & use straw to stir
then went down to ungodly seas

No deck chairs I insist
It’s a mafia trick
Free lunch breeds obligation
Check please!

Trust me, no shoulder shrugs
no accounting
it will be extraordinary
How I bow to bookthugs and beseech ye

Hear not and trust not
or you’ll feel nothing
just stand down as they stand up
bad jokes do nothing 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

My peeps are temporary peeps

Footfaults and alleyways
‎that run from what communes
Exiles with pleats

The jokes they must be telling
Whatever you do
don't say no at the meeting

I am working now for the inner agency 
My life in X
It's why eagles have an entourage

Seagulls with the marginal swagger
they buried him in his Adidas‎
Rabble with the greatest hit

Died of poptimism 
Planked in 20 minutes
I will have to get back to you

Meet me on the pier
‎years later 
to touch the wound

Saturday, November 18, 2017


‎The finest lips you've never seen
the sweetest lisp
full of screams

The bluest sky
the greenest green
like a beautiful child
to last a year‎

Monday, November 13, 2017

Denial of Service # 3

You look like cops
Abiding muscular blue
Gains and losses
Blind accumulation

What nice straddles and curves
Bought in order to give proof
Stop already

Condensed dream
The small penis of the other
Inconvenient colleague
More by cookery than by conquest

Please submit enhancement request
for expression
as it connects fact
Please my brother

Bring those murdered
& thrown in sea
Beach Blanket Babylon
The cinematic alarm

Paid for colour
in negative space
Paid fees for certificates
diplomas and degrees

Swept barbershop
Disciplinary cluster
For inner and outer
genres of fact

What’s attached to privilege
Sacred cows & tin gods
Intuition that lip syncs
Attack of the proper nouns

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Magazine to feed for (notes on birdsong)

Equal to what she said
will you not (asterisk) my

Will you not

Nesting is not this
not this LP
fourteen songs

After words scarcely
a whisper
closer to synapse

Three fingerlings
one of which
swallows Titlark

I had some chuckles
young Linnet
certain strips not cheesecloth

Not sparrow or Goldfinch
no two eyed monster
no accidental fledge

A mute fortnight
for margins
for allegiance in rapture

Dear Lincolnshire
dear Goatherd
go eat along median

Strip all vegetation
absent judgment
no tears no justice

No cage in which I shalt
mistake the letter
To jerk that pole

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Notes on symptoms

            -for the con man who has everything

Chef Boyardee
Boogie boards
What’s the market on bloated abdominal chest pain
Misidentified as interchangeable parts
I fell to earth
Dog breeds to match life
Separability vs demand for face time
Acts like a lady smells like a man
Neutered intention is how it feels
She knew that he knew that she knew
Problem of low battery power
I’m not ok with planned obsolescence
Not in love with ‘immeasurable fun’
Light head or dry mouth
Poor dexterity and muscle tone 
Motor clumsiness
Experienced pain while writing
Let us praise the cold-flu formulae
God's personal corporation
Vessel that threw out all grace 
In a poem called public utility
His allegiance is to allegiance
Last seen on a boat called Fidele
Cog in Mallarme’s machine
In your face like a Pi chart
Homing device against infernal alternatives
Discharge of utopian meme
Confidence in irrational beauty
Your trans number
Baked into subject position  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Meet me at Panini Village

Typhoid or was it
second marriage 
arranged to displace pawn shop
the doctor where she grew up
simulated woodland
hair in a bun
patterns of books
in Troy New York
I made that up
there were no patterns
worklife and lifework
just tensions of the belittling present
and low self esteem

Monday, July 10, 2017

Soft Dogma


Barrel rolls
& cork barrettes
play acting
bound to what implicates
‎I took it in the mouth
belief against belief
I want to be that jailbait
monster that no longer exists
parasite to echo on
fractured inits
swallowed starfish
figs stems & all

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Phat Pitch

     “Another futurism is possible”
–B Bratton

Haunted fact
of futures past

Remorse isn't enough
What carries force

carries forth
As my ‘gaol’ quivers

I misspelled
more than the failed commune

My father’s trade
the lip latency I’ve slipped into

of Kairos lost

Capital husbandry
captive by constraints of love

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Take your fear grin to the tongue gym

I pushed up up and away
Super mensch in a choral robe
Liar liar she sang
Humans in tutus and king tuts
I mean too human
You are too human
No more please and thanks

Monday, July 3, 2017

To remove lyric

Step 1: disable alarm
& backup the sun

Assert there is a becoming
of continuity but no continuity
of becoming

Okay step to y’all
disable cone of silence
& open pop up
mansplain in 140 characters or less

Once you see the display tent
& bicycles built for two
Deploy enjoyment
this is the dance party
circulation could not forestall
call it material detail
call it sealed motion to unseal

Finally to exploit charisma
remember to unclick rootkit
Insert machine first
(no hard on’s please)
Nature’s unpacked receptacle
with its grass stain camo constants
wants to evade unstoppable gadgets
to cannibalize all variables
to get happy
& gag all expression

Monday, June 19, 2017

Trespass to Chattels

No shirt no shoes
problem of history’s veil
the better to invent what lacks direction

Mix white flour
to taste reciprocal measure
Take off the other body
better behavior figures its ground
selling the sandwich
rhetoric preserves the baser instincts

I’ll take domination with a side of
the real of course

Nothing authorizes
Emotive machines
like colorblind Zombies

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Character Count

“If reason be judge, no writer has produced such inconsistent characters as nature herself has.”

 “… he was, in the extremest sense of the word, a stranger.”

            -H. Melville

It translates confidence
Epoxy to hold my brother
it holds with two quick slaps
one part primal then the fix

We vote with our feet
Between seeing & being seen
between making a shoe
& finding a buyer for the shoe

I heard the all points I saw the man
Seeking stranger with two jobs
poet with the stinging cheeks
wilder mongrel propped up for song

Training ones ear to disrupt
to engage uncivil verse
as strange as the orchid
voting for wasps

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Instruction not to answer

Misery is a bore
it is realism as precarious angst
the new really new
getting ready to be reproduced
I was raised to the sublime power
Horror of stenograph
caught in the reverse shot
I am I because my curious yellow cat
because it's the rectum of severability
gravity defeats
I see your downward dog
the alienation that seeks
next slide please
This is (lazy) susan's horizon
sunset at dawn aka binary vision
whose whale eyes opt out
Ears closer to eyes than my mouth
Graph of transparency for transparency's sake
I used to hate your Luscious pup
it seems to know empowerment
it knows how to work its
"what-is-it-likeness" into the poem

In California they speak directly to you
I dig the pretty good privacy
and embrace the 3 second rule
Euphemism for small handedness
Hello crumbs!
Its productive process writes
modest subject I don't understand
indivisible by any ration
Filed under non-resuscitation order
one night I discovered
transcendental number
driving home in the year of the Hallucinogen
presumptive economy vs placebo effect

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gnostic Two Bagger

like taking a shit in the Taj Mahal.    
       -Leonard Baskin

Four up
Edition of 160
White horse

In tents
Chief Wets It Assiniboine
under canvas flap

Lenny's totemic
No middle name
aswim on planks

The bodiless barter
endless Denizens of camp
regurgitate and gasp

Chisel bequeaths boy
and bug
Boy & bugs

Tuesday abbreviated workout

Lasik surgery
Olive garden
Hepatitis C
Oil of Olay
‎Home advisor
Let's make a deal
Bold and beautiful

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Laziness is the source

Inextricable bond
phantom with the same mess
wrap around reality
absorbed in compulsory
It felt telepathic

Laziness is the source

To exist is one thing
at 8 o'clock noon is perceived
the story of a british man
Friday's precarious unease

If ecstacy is frugality of need
(I mean the joy of barely covering it)
As if duplicated in countless
walks they ignore
& give up on science

The real coup reserved
for riding in the sun
A woman now dead
not a nose but more relaxed
naked or clothed in extensive folds
bearing intimately w/itself
The opposite fr(e)ud
herding together its litany
It's not awake it's not
the get up & go
it's not the voice

Laziness is the source

Jewel of modular design
Closed for undeserved pleasure
Abducted with poison
Marching on foot

Why is there nothing rather than something
Scapegoat headfirst
& by diversity sentenced
by the fumes of indigestion
by the vapor of charcoal
by this friendly yet anxious night

After cruel slaughter
provision with cicadas
sanctuary with aching bones

Laziness is the source

Phrases punctuate the quest
False appearance in the place
reserved for words Sleep
tireless voyeur of image
Susceptible to happiness
vertigo of implacable flesh
indifferent to questions
to the physics to come

ps. stunned to be streaming
the greatest
head first in chaos
we lose our dogs our youth
our love to suppose
terror the ability to remember
to bite
the ship awake


Here come the sighs
distinct ingredient or advent
how one belongs
ingression notwithstanding
Survived non-neutral slug
bullet or bourbon
Yowling gulls
in more technical terms
a creepy crawler
Not requisite for contradiction
I’d love to make
friends with maritime guide
mistaken for tavern law
‎Each presweetened song
deleted stanza by stanza
each upworthy plunge
each ceasefire
means poetry undone
The sign said please
stop viral uncertainty
stop abandoned son

Monday, February 27, 2017


    Everything human is pathetic. The secret source of Humor 
    itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven. 
                                             - Mark Twain

I voted for the comedian for dog catcher
Rodney Dangerfield for the supreme corpse

I voted against the socialization
of inner life but lost

I is so evil, it tells on itself
poems like so many politicians

Then we listened to Leslie Gore’s It’s my party
adopted as 28th amendment

Indescribable in & outs
parking is such sorrow

Unstorifiable & zipless
at mile high club

Footballers rooting
for mongrel collision no Pitbull

39 instances in 14 documents
governed by cigars & champagne

I heart poultry
watching sausage being made

The clown laid out on cobwebs
hits me until the typos hurt

No more clean and jerky
no more snatch & grab

no more 1000 dollar necklace
trapped in this cocoon

waiting for them to come 
& eat me

Monday, February 20, 2017

New logo for geode

Leaning in
in plastic embrace

Desire for ear
for nosebleed for another
cloak in M-dash
Mother of all intimate touch

Similes or
less words

Colony Collapse Disorder

I flushed my masculine
product down the tubes
‎All four eyes
one at a time

Sequence preset to concrete
If boundaries = death
all threats ascend
to the power of verse

My analogue queen
is Miss Recognition
the beauty contestant
who lost her aesthetic powers

Beyond cognition
My jealous god skipped
ahead to read backwards
Let’s drink to Heimlich maneuvers

Out with it Dear!
I was yours
truly an oddity
in search of an end

Monday, February 6, 2017

Jesus draws a blank

There is no scene
No revolution of I don't care
All bullshit jobs
Birkinis & bikinis
because recognition will kill us

No middle way to worry
No alien vernacular
No varnish stain
winnowing its way upstream
We sprang to – to soil
life in the soft buzz
of the topical cave

Failing to learn each according to each
failing to embrace each shadow made
because despondency
because I mean who are you
some ‎Girl band
pirate with that labored look
stolen at the scene of production

You're free to think
what’s unhoused and dirtier
‎at elitist Dog and Pony
subject to this
Kingdom of Pure affection
enjoying communal bath
Purity the echo that contradicts