Thursday, January 10, 2019

Math Rock (SRO)

                  Godzilla at Hotel Palenque

Out of the meth lab
& into the gym
I see aluminum foil
disco lights
the better to receive what's outside

I count on
no calculating angel
This exercise brigade
turtlenecks and topiary
stomping it out 
& trucking it in
the flames of Lenny & Steve
Patrick & DeeDee
Your name here leads to more tears
Pierre Menard and so forth
more dramatic yet unreadable
uncharted schools
& bottom fishing expertise

To surveille friendly fire
I count on
no calculating angel
Concavity ducts for
tedium bounce

Only then did I seek
unshaped digits
bodices and bong rips
dropcloth fires
what to do with whippets
wool cloaks
stripped of insignia 
bleeding reverb
& clean drumwork

Dear Calculating Angel
I count on
no warrantless urge
no mock mock
at minimum minimum

Time's arrow
clothed in dreams
sticks & stones
nature's number
no blackbox
no artifice to shed
thought capacity of one
solidified in image

A petal factory
soldered to the logic gates
she loves me
she loves me not

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