Sunday, April 30, 2017

Instruction not to answer

Misery is a bore
it is realism as precarious angst
the new really new
getting ready to be reproduced
I was raised to the sublime power
Horror of stenograph
caught in the reverse shot
I am I because my curious yellow cat
because it's the rectum of severability
gravity defeats
I see your downward dog
the alienation that seeks
next slide please
This is (lazy) susan's horizon
sunset at dawn aka binary vision
whose whale eyes opt out
Ears closer to eyes than my mouth
Graph of transparency for transparency's sake
I used to hate your Luscious pup
it seems to know empowerment
it knows how to work its
"what-is-it-likeness" into the poem

In California they speak directly to you
I dig the pretty good privacy
and embrace the 3 second rule
Euphemism for small handedness
Hello crumbs!
Its productive process writes
modest subject I don't understand
indivisible by any ration
Filed under non-resuscitation order
one night I discovered
transcendental number
driving home in the year of the Hallucinogen
presumptive economy vs placebo effect

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gnostic Two Bagger

like taking a shit in the Taj Mahal.    
       -Leonard Baskin

Four up
Edition of 160
White horse

In tents
Chief Wets It Assiniboine
under canvas flap

Lenny's totemic
No middle name
aswim on planks

The bodiless barter
endless Denizens of camp
regurgitate and gasp

Chisel bequeaths boy
and bug
Boy & bugs

Tuesday abbreviated workout

Lasik surgery
Olive garden
Hepatitis C
Oil of Olay
‎Home advisor
Let's make a deal
Bold and beautiful