Saturday, March 25, 2017

Laziness is the source

Inextricable bond
phantom with the same mess
wrap around reality
absorbed in compulsory
It felt telepathic

Laziness is the source

To exist is one thing
at 8 o'clock noon is perceived
the story of a british man
Friday's precarious unease

If ecstacy is frugality of need
(I mean the joy of barely covering it)
As if duplicated in countless
walks they ignore
& give up on science

The real coup reserved
for riding in the sun
A woman now dead
not a nose but more relaxed
naked or clothed in extensive folds
bearing intimately w/itself
The opposite fr(e)ud
herding together its litany
It's not awake it's not
the get up & go
it's not the voice

Laziness is the source

Jewel of modular design
Closed for undeserved pleasure
Abducted with poison
Marching on foot

Why is there nothing rather than something
Scapegoat headfirst
& by diversity sentenced
by the fumes of indigestion
by the vapor of charcoal
by this friendly yet anxious night

After cruel slaughter
provision with cicadas
sanctuary with aching bones

Laziness is the source

Phrases punctuate the quest
False appearance in the place
reserved for words Sleep
tireless voyeur of image
Susceptible to happiness
vertigo of implacable flesh
indifferent to questions
to the physics to come

ps. stunned to be streaming
the greatest
head first in chaos
we lose our dogs our youth
our love to suppose
terror the ability to remember
to bite
the ship awake


Here come the sighs
distinct ingredient or advent
how one belongs
ingression notwithstanding
Survived non-neutral slug
bullet or bourbon
Yowling gulls
in more technical terms
a creepy crawler
Not requisite for contradiction
I’d love to make
friends with maritime guide
mistaken for tavern law
‎Each presweetened song
deleted stanza by stanza
each upworthy plunge
each ceasefire
means poetry undone
The sign said please
stop viral uncertainty
stop abandoned son