Saturday, November 26, 2016

For Victory, For Defeat

They say squirrels can only count to three, after which they return to the nest for confirmation. They say humans learn to count beyond themselves, after which all nests are pillaged.

I mean every defecation (sorry) isn't ironic
Enter Sandman
Every conspiracy might be us
Equal meaning in every what
Are we not men
Tool sheds
Out of body expertise

Bundles of terms 
On sale now
Bungled by

Militant means
Dead objects in short lines
Rut and groove
Too much drama
Between you and
Please call home

This stanza
Just in time
Dismembered prospect

Unmarked flesh
Caution: Promethean zone
Abject muscle
Heroic flame

These inane boils
Head over heel
Uncured ham
Contingent subtraction
Carny barkers
Proof of concept
Clowns Unlimited
Lost mobility
@ Laughing Gas Enterprises