Monday, May 30, 2016

Bound by pipes

“History is an array of idiots, sociopaths, murderers and bores, punctuated with an occasional rational one – whose life is cut short.”

Empire bathed in fire
Each smile a grimace
Laughing by number
One semi-colon at a time

I can’t cotton to flames
To convey how Debt
Subjects itself to itself
Unquenchable diagram
Long face or miracle

These our islands
In which we rededicate space
All the more stuffed with Latin
Adorable Greek companions
Figments of fictive formulae
In the public professions
With less purchase on transitory life

Dear most-human Human
Who wiggles down runways
Who promenades
Dancing with the Ecclesiastics
The most pious or foreign
Colonials hitched to social ambition
To obscure privacy in sensational life

What trauma sleeps
In milder opinion
Mouth smashed
Distinction of noses
To sample the other’s blood

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