Sunday, February 28, 2016

House Unpoetic

Epigraphs suppressed

We want a poetry without words
Or words without poetry

Refusing to stay dead
Always more interior
Mannequins spelled incorrect
Even Cindy Sherman's apostrophe
was deeply disappointed

Footnotes baked in ‎
Contrary embrace
Utopian argument
For the other eye
for uncomfortable

At turkey shoot
High school roster
Ones own formative class
Expertise in hazing
Merely us versus them
Call it Heartfelt applause
but please "shut the fuck up!"

Lead singer's unconscious cakewalk
leads to the soft
sharps and the harpies
Collaged ambition
in the coldest place
Collection of cardboards
Rendered in chest hair
Acritical collage
Signed Happy Camper

For an hour
I was super happy
Surface imperfection
Killing me softly
And get well
Drinks for a buck fifty

She was a poet and a fighter
Upside down cake
Stripped bare
Thus the righteous
Exclusion whose roots
Pronounced boldface
Pronounced oneupmanship

Dear Rimbaud:
The price of transgression
is pleased to thank you
Spineless sting Ray
at house of barbs
for machine read glitch

Let us lacerate the venom
As if I were a fish
Pussycat of the sea

Man what kind of fish would I be?

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