Sunday, December 27, 2015

Uncaged Animus

They have something to say but they're not saying it

Glistening in the reflective pond
I’ll trade you my incontinent missile
Rariform chump change
for revolting spam

Art wants its revolution
and eats it too
Indigestible jamrock
for EDM ravebot

Minimal compliance
at oppositional water slide
I shot Omar Sharif
on the Mondegreen

If that’s a wrap
Pick a card any card
Abhorrent full house
Fuck politeness

Fuck Cataphor - wait for it
Fuck Capitalism (the police)
which needs and loves incivility
Litany that interrupts

Flagon with the dragon
Mongrel collision
Complicit history
that delivered egg

In attractive black knee high waders
Mirrorphase revisionist
tests friendly fire
Solution that slit throats

We lived in abandoned shoe
& threw them into the gutter
Dear Resonant conditions
the flames hardly knew ye

Pounding lanterns I seize
The leisure poet
in Writing Class
Except for prose

Errata for sheep
for Rockford reruns
for Mannix and I Spy
for memory forms

the only certainty
‎Reached for connective tissue
Cried like a lamb