Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Soul is the Method

Please remove me from the list
I’m about to get the runs
New affordances
Fashioned into memoir
All water logged
Stuffed and unstuffed
Pacing the waterfront
You didn't really like me, did you?

I met you
The sign said Do Not Block
Words in which
Mutual feeling in which nouns
Smoke or stack pronouns

In which this hand me down
Phenomena is a stubborn front
Unhappy hour at bar and grill

Welcome armchair emperors!
Imperial swizzlestick
for grain elevation
Sceptors of confounding simplicity
In love with specific instances ‎
Life on the installment plan
Let’s pause for abstraction
For generic monstrosity
For bad table manners
We spoon to resist

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Revolutionary spam

or I wanna be digested
repeat after me
“you will follow me anywhere”
‎mastery never felt so good
no ‎unthinking border
magically makes me whole
washed away into nothing
only a chance of showers
outback from the rear
they say you are an ass
one goblet one teardrop
but no distress
no chance

next dream
about 37 years later
James Brown’s
greatest hits
resident to any charm
to converse with horn sections
bullet hole in windshield

no rioting in streets
married college sweetheart
Ohio suburb
no national guard
no soldiers at candy store
no reenactment
chasing tanks on bicycles

we come to disprove
worst case
hostage to fact
to memory that says destroy
it says I am
all sunlight and fabulation
even the padlocks
chateau number what
made in China
one traunch at a time