Sunday, January 4, 2015

‎Dark Side (Congruent Register)

-if hell is other poets…   

Specific instruments
Out of phase
Did I miss something
Loving and stealing wisdom
‎I was gonna duck the question
Resisting Sartre's obvious formulation
Killjoy investing
Bad vibes
Love isn't blocked
Phased out
When listening‎

‎What you can't see
Cracked screen
I can't even read
‎Newsprint, nitrate, vulcanite
Some honeycomb dipshit
‎600 pages of overproduction

‎Penetrated by ‎Birth
White hegemony is dead
but doesn’t know it
fashioned into symmetry
Maximum damage
By Supremes

Love, homeownership
Kerning pairs
We lean in
at Sag Harbor
@marriage, @death
We live inadequate
Salve to canker
sore Central to
all feeling

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