Saturday, June 21, 2014

No World No Time

You may need to know Schumpeter (aka “the poet of neoliberals” (Mudede)) is the guy who came up with the economic idea of creative destruction. He read Marx closely but swallowed the idea of Nietzschean heroics. He celebrates original entrepreneurial moments & he’s more than ok with the resulting ecological waste, i.e., collateral damage is no concern.

Hello said the telephone (hi!)
Poet of the crowd
Common inscription
Loved and lost

‎Ok cupid
thought does not collapse
Enemies of innovation
discard the now!
Bookmark time

Let Bartleby
Let our Schumpeterian waste baskets‎
Attrition molecule
for conjugal verb
Let each refusal
Keep a tab open
The female thing
positively cash poor
His cudgel thinking
Erasure's stet (gums my work)
My patent portfolio
Imagines history
Dreams prior art
To betray
Actionable extract
held back in the year of revolt
Revived in 1898
Word on word
kickboxing horrorshow
Dance music modulation

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