Thursday, November 14, 2013

Notebook of nine syllables

for Standard Schaefer

or Alt title (also for Stan Douglas)
The new unhyphenated
‎Alt country‎

"...the body being a communism
of nerves and gimmicks"

Even Sisyphus is movin' on up
Autodidaction on demand
Certificate program to kill

We count cards
Quoting proust
Staffing museum
Alsos and still-have-yous

May the best church win
Said the rabbi's phone
Converting to wine
Now that the skin has been revealed

No, nothing, said Proust
‎Agriculture is overrated
planning unequal to
markets forcefed
and hoisted by yards (by petards)
by x or y axis

By blogpost she said
‎vision with danger
I stopped looking
Telepathic waxwings
Luscious fleshlike weeds
I tend toward blonde
lions of yestercheer
Ordure all announced
Now don't go all‎ jed clampitt on me
Ouch said the little guy camper
Take care that she does
This pixel
Motion sickens the non-
human in him
Big bear and his bracelets
this pixel was made
for you and me

‎(written last sunday flying home from NC - with Standard's notebook in hand.)

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