Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Horse Omnibus

   - seems to be about militarism and praxis?  there should be the smell of orange in the air.

Lost in the circular
order of the coif
I marched into autonomy
all the way down
without name, no history
no reason, no law
all arms, no letters
Guilty of the practical
of the three legged stool
‎Feeling without smell
largely by bleeding

If I am vampiric
or lucid‎ In gotham
I propose land to the left
‎next to the left-right-left
Did I mishear
I meant anti-anthropomorphic
Juke or cut
Surgeons of the general order
Lock of my hair
blocking vision
Sick cosmic joke
to insert the bit
about bitter pills
about the valorisation of valor
Fatalism por favor
Here's a cube of flesh
for the dogs

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