Saturday, December 1, 2012

Notes from Jeffrey & Claudia

Drawing in space
Back door to picket fence
Used the clear then the gel
Survived a ten year moratorium on goth

Made a skull of myself
Felt the figment
skin played out over 7 floors
in a world of light
footcandles of bulbs and wonder
Friendship like a river
timing proportion to
cinema and standup

(The Maldives)

Let's make the box less black
Complete the gesture
how assessment of craft
her fear of flying
carries me

A coffin is placed in the household
portrait hung in its place
wooden shoes for water walking

Two slices, unexpected pleasure
in a wooden box
sandwich with too much bread
what is stacked first
I plied the trade
and overpaid

Life about art and death
Art about life and death
Death about life and art
Dreams about a lost word
lost words and love

"Step away from the car"
or symmetry will kill
homoerotic fashion
I'll show you
how plywood reeks

He proved
childhood never stops
timed to sing
to say it
say it
just sing

[from notes taken 11/8/2012 at henry gallery]

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