Saturday, December 15, 2012

Namedrops Keep Fallin On My Head

-the boobirds have come to eat me, it won't be long now

Daily paintings
There is gonna be a stabbing
in plein air
Lady Gaga's boyfriend
on an orange trike
Ozzy Osbourne's tv agent
Be gentle from now on
Charles Saatchi was supposed to come
I couldn't get there after the bombing
Maria Carey
Indiscriminate love
A videotape of how it really happened
Birth control
A fashion show
I love Marilyn Manson and everything
Angels on his balls
Anything you want
Friend who used to punch his horse
There are ways to do this psychologically
I cling to too much to be able to do this
I am inherited, a ghost
We are all disabled
I'm not saying shit
Dennis Hopper said it was a glazed donut
I guarded this other Hopper at the Walker Art Center
Arnold Schwarzenegger stayed at this hotel
And someone else it wasn't George Bush at the Sturgis Hilton
When you see your dog melting don't jump in
I'm done worrying about shit
The name of my show in LA
Keeping money from me
Paintallica my collective or occulted Venus
Someday you'll wake up and everything will be easy again
Staying at the hotel where Graham Parsons died
Scratched my eye stuck in Joshua Tree
You are full of magic
Wrestling with scorpions
Abducted on Oxycontin
Two little Mormon girls lost in the desert
Sun dancer with the black feet
Welcome to dumbdumb land
Yoko Ono, Richard Flood, all star cast
Hunter Thompson and the Hells Angels
Kanye West, Kim Kardasian
Larry Clark, New York gas stations
David Lynch, David Byrne
Chris Farley knocked on my door
the day he died
Perspective from the shining
Brain plague torn memories
Lost memories ancient history
Tattoo on my arm from shoot in GQ magazine
Obama, there's 50 cent
Black hole in the center
My large telescope
Goofball truth syrup
Charges against you
Sid Vicious family reunion
You have gifts
Albert fuckin Einstein
All the film crews at my house
Wrote that last year
Jonathan Borofsky's roommate at Yale
Tattooed on his ass
Barneys New York stayed up
And chainsawed all night
Pablo Picasso's granddaughter
Carhart all day modeling
Partied with David Blaine

[as thumbed 6/28/2012 at western bridge]

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