Monday, August 6, 2012

Ben Beres - Vortext

At Davidson Galleries, thru Sept 1.

Microwriting.  Opacity.  Beauty.

Go see it!  Here are translations of two pieces.

A Danger

A danger vortex for what?
It's about fucking pay back
I dare you to return to muse
A world on fire for kings
bottom dealing in queens


Muffled and jetset. The cold hands for blood drawn out. These are not appearance of mind. They are vicarious chill and darkness. Oblique tang as a spaceage translation, it lingers on the tongue. Rusticated bliss. Donkey kong. Theatre of bloody noses.

No Walking It Back

the process performs
as if it could add more life to life
It kicks out the jams and is kicked out
as if transfer of means is the past
pursuit of a limitless future

8. it isn't a zero sum game, is it?

not some singular mess
so don't bother me with particulars

7. the return of the same

coming to a theatre near you
muscle and bone

consumed the whole time
deformed at the cost of vigour

6. remember this banana tastes better than a dollar bill
5. workers revolve and appreciate
at a rate uncommon -- retreads
can't cotton to what's
already worn out

4. scarcely had my ditch been dug
spades violently churning
aces beat your pair of twos

extravagant animals sing the facts
intermediate equations with valves that count
no essence for the nonce

ask me in 10 years
a reproductive machine one curve off
to seek the fruits of time

2.  say what you will but stand by it

1. goodbye bug. yes, he's a cockroach
but he's our cockroach
bemoaning the point of conversion
of conversation

-blast it!
are we supposed to diagnose it
or just
add value to value