Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cartoons of Hegel

This is not to mention the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, or, more recently, Alain Badiou, who have all kept alive, from very different philosophical positions, the practice of pitting one literary modernism or another against a cartoon of Hegel made to stand in for something like either the rigidness or the insufficient militancy of the French Communist Party. (15) 
   -Chris Nealon, from The Matter of Capital

Serial monogamy
Full stop

But of course this is only the end
Of the beginning

They jumped my bones
One bone at a time

Progression ending with
Uninteresting work

Can't quit ahead of
Whatever you got there

Paris 1968 or
Vancouver 1986

I am thinking the gap
There is no gap

Welcome to the family
Of dominant thought

The most sublime hysteric
Ruined minds of a whole generation

Repulsive charlatan
Trumpeted abroad as immortal wisdom

Serene baritone follows serenest alto
Follows forgotten bass

The tipping point
Is a two-timing adaptation

Severs limbs until fully stopped 

After the aesthetic of the sublime
Art becomes unpleasurable

Molten ingredient parking near paradise
Eating heros and gyros

Hungover bird
In my mouth

Your words here
A loss leader

A self-organized hole
In one

You win
The end

We have eyes
Therefore we cannot see

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