Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reading Like A Loser

    -after Malcolm Bull's Where is the Anti-Nietzsche

Incompatible with myself I agree

Memory gets in the way
The best path is to talk and listen at the same time
To hear oneself toast the death of heroic memory

Refusing to stand in the empty space
My ears disclose their up-ended discard
Descartes’ ball of wax that separates as it morphs
Into an abandoned event at the opening gate

I stutter there – the presumptive passive object
Subject to inflation – my generic wires
Frame the common oddities of the new
Multiplied until they become the norm

What stumbles hears – too many appointed paths
How emotions play for uninhibited power
Who subscribes to this talk of victory – in need of victims
Where examples defer and exclusion includes

No time to step outside the equation