Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Subject of the Subject

Learning to unravel, let’s start at the end: chasing intensity beyond or before recognition; thinking with the unknowns and bearing witness to intersections of nature and culture.

Attached to our surrounds and divorced from habit
We demand the right to contradict ourselves

A noun’s noun, we verb – in transit 
Oh, how the world breeds inferiority
In pursuit of a lexicon’s indifference

Strength through repetition.  Darwin’s winner demonstrates how a round peg squares its hole.  Grammar’s bias pronounced in short sentences: it cannot explain the logic of the subject.

It is when the new is no longer news – or vice versa.  It inverts when one claims one’s lost habit.  Coterminous with new habitat, the transhistorical subject is not a subject.  It is only that mentality in the world all around us.  It is the wonder that something new occurs.

A momentous passage forgets not
And loves not
It unlearns what it is to say uncle
An active not passive forgetting

To collaborate, it remains a mess of connections, of contradictions.  A thought wants what trouble kicks up – the fount a body makes in its new image.

This “you” & its precognitive other find that “history is this.  Not the same this.  Which lesson undoes again.  So, forget you, forget everything you know.”

It breeds its own subject – an inescapable genesis within time
The untied or loosened bond – not a negative
But learning the positive fact – the self-evident charge
I counteract – an impoverished religion

Irrational in each sentence.  Death in its perverse towers
Of undressed rhetoric – out of uniform compliance 
Unable to execute, I lost my appetite,
I forgot the cookies and ate the plate

This is a re-education camp as ungrounded action
An embrace of adverbial tension 
The deed without a doer
Free entertainment of a fearful agent 

'I' is the greatest, the most beautiful folio, the best of both words
For it is this aesthetic judgment needs an outside
Not reducible to the wicked witch in any direction
It need not precede its relations but must live within them

The parasite translates when Dorothy dances
Nobody stands behind the screen
It is not some contradiction of ourselves
 We move through a seascape of ships

Between self-assurance and obliteration
The trick to escape what emotion captures 

I’ve always been told I am not I
The nonce and its once
That perishes & collates each expectation, each expression
As invective against the news

To embrace that negativity that cannot be put to work
The positive unraveling as a constructive function

A clarity that is not merely subjective
Yields no noun behind the curtain

I approved this message for all those
who are not.  All department heads
Step alive – for once its bottoms up
Sinking slowly, predisposed to the liquidity

Of forms, each retrospect a lapse
For an action to be named later
For the litany of days – a stream of possible
Logics lie in the generals empty hand

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