Sunday, November 7, 2010

Music has an answer

    - after Donato Mancini

What's the use dot dot dot
Information or
Manic prolusions in the click track

It was better at the back of the room
clowning or
at the front churning heads first

The moral of the story is never affective
Affect hijacked by mores equals jaded judgement
the stickiness of burnt marshmallow

I prefer the notion of a precognitive aesthetics before the ethical turn
Aesthetics are without criteria, without qualities
There is no conscience, it's before science

The subject overplays itself
Its bass line embodied in affective tone
The phono-text of mispronounced delight

Adolescents pick winners
Unhinged from feeling, cooking refried beans
With a studied inattention

Solid liquid my ass.  Poetry
is an affective machine, a machine for
generating affect

Are effects not generated to mobilize
to control interest, to condition
the audient?

Who unhands these vowels --
while A plays to the mere
form of the prehending subject

the E
would uphold the substance
of the subject

Zizek's sublime bright lines overwhelm the oblique 
As continuous teachable moments
Someone (Shaviro) said that if Derrida is the thinker of the Kantian sublime -- aka the unexplainable which somehow compels one to obsessively attempt to explain -- then perhaps Deleuze is the thinker (or tinkerer) of Kantian beauty.

Coteries against the modes of elite, yes.  Ordinary culture, yes.
Do you know Nicolas Slominski's Lexicon of Musical Invective
A demonstration of the always maligned reception of the new

And the institutionalization of taste
I recall that in Chicago the pizza no longer tastes different
It's a domino effect. An argument for the power of the dialectic

Welcome to the fast food regurgitation station
The undoing of Cap'n Crunch
Poetry is a parasite that can't escape itself

It needs to eat and be eaten
It's the bad conscience that reads and rereads
first thought lost thought

short term loss for long term gain
as one's song hooks and withers
its its it-ness - that haunting difference which remains new

word word and word word
the stultification is in fact in the explanation (Ranciere)
The symmetry was lost in my first draft

the flash memory of the irrational dude
that repository of infinite
possibility - that does in fact exist

On Whitehead's blackberry this is what makes rationality possible
if he didn't exist he would have to be invented
The contingent promise of some symmetrical math

From each according to his ability 
It's the applied symmetry of each
so I'll trade you my feckless

for your effective affect
my shit for your crow
The control of A thru the devices of E

vowels cocked and loaded
where these fumes -- 2 out of 3 doctors recommend
the mastery of promised outcomes

I removed the logo from my emotive pants - green and white chex
and insert a dagger into parts unknown
Teeny bopper heaven where the brain socializes with the body

It's your fallacy of the affective fallacy
See, it's not about belief or reason
It's a demonstration

A democracy of objects where regurgitation rocks
upon meaning's shores.  I mean in the concussion
orchestra, my misanthropocentricism pops

Singularities -- the unique and oblique assemblages we eat
that make us us.  Its the dirt we swallow
in hopes for more, I mean
I miscommunicate with myself
What did i say and when did i say it?
Elocution lessens

It's the voir dire, the bad conscience
of the communal occasion
What is the french film about overindulgence

sex + food = death?
I'm just a prude whose intentions are stewed
La Grande Bouffe, O god yes

Value is cognized  
Imagine their young ate us
A canonical genesis of the wolfing hour