Thursday, October 18, 2018

Book of business

Misdemeanor of body props
prosaic error breathed & ministered
I mistook my candy cane for your cotton candy
our ghosts are now riot ready
I am saying here’s the rub
there is too much ownership
possession is 9 parts stealth & 1 part domination
sold by the hour how
to import hash value how
to ignore the invariant details
the error regulated
& stormed out of bounds

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Poem in the form of labor

Description is not enough
The soft Buddhism of your lips
twinned voices to intoxicate my singularity
when each of us were many

There can be no umbrella no diagram to trace
the retreat of advancing troops
no treadmill that hits for the so-called cycle
no analog of tree
no coveralls to save Mr Green Jeans
Nothing to unpack The Fantastic Four
just me & Invisible Girl together for the first time

Episode 1: duel of force & relation
How the subject fails to swallow
totality rejuvenated by jam
this is our toast to destruction

Episode 2: green room
Caught in the alien lights
I have been wiped and swattled
O how I have been wiped and swattled

Thought bubbles written behind my back
deposited in the currency of pleasure & pain
So much depends upon
the logic of the presupposed Earth
Freedom and domination co-constituted
Scaffold to ponder scaffold
to execute that killer app
to render the privilege of comic mode
aswim in individual shadow
away from the brutalism of sun
your self-valorizing value forms a business plan
for monsters by monsters

Dear Mr Fantastic it is time to go
Time to kill value - what’s the use - before fact
Character first in a structure that compels
each step confirming the prior step
the strangeness of her lips
Dark wallnuts & grey willows
subjective invisibility
inserts exclamation for The Thing!
this time featuring Human Torch

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I want to be inside that outside


Radiant Constantinoples
Middle finger companion piece
Carat cake for malingerers

Cleavage cleavage
We all fall down