Thursday, June 14, 2018

Celebrity Zombie

Shook hands with John Cage
Dreamt I was Vincent Price
Kissed Harrison Ford on the mouth

Dracula never had it so good
Guns on stun
$3M in Fentanyl at Central Park West

I met Shelley on a plane from LA
But she wasn’t‎ monstrous enough
See how she sobs

‎Running from the camera
It’s the end of the burrito
That should be the Beatles

When belonging doesn't rhyme
It all comes down to specimens  
26 years of Plato’s forms

‎She actually said I adore myself
Time for a Tyranny timeout   
I’d like you to meet the walking dead

Picasso’s grunt
He was both a positive & negative assist
More than one Signatory

But refused to cash the check
Written out to Lyric Poetry
Without the hormones

Monday, June 11, 2018

If the broom fits

      -after the Yerbamala collective & SR

This next poem is called Infection
Phenotype eye poison
or how we are infected with whiteness

The unstoried poet touchtypes
It’s his mother’s dictate
Gender’s abandoned punchcard

Tell him to tell it to the dead
the Irish joke already gone
These fists of mine

Bled in from mixing
the color of epidemic
captured or orphaned

I heard the food hit the floor
3 second rule but ate it anyway
2 lovely sons

Listened to 4 saints
but lost it at 3 card monte
2 one-hundred franc notes

Paris flea mart 
near parochial school
I see your city

& surrender it
I see you in such a metropolis
Mother of figure & line

She said welcome cavemen
welcome conquests
so long ritual onslaught

This next poem is called
If the broom fits (witch)
it is time to ride

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Capitalism & Climate Change

It depends on what ‘is’ is
Errant scare quotes if the world is
actually immersed
in lost positives
or imagined dynamics
(I'll take false cons for 100 please)

Trapped in amber
ampules at Grasse
vials and beakers
actual essence unfolding
in the aroma of the golden lab

History lost
in the empire of always already
alive in vampiric fake history
Not sure the world actually is