Sunday, April 1, 2018

Death Wish for Dummies

I’ll take Hume’s mere object
Psychic add-in’s for 100
Placebos & power grabs
What is piece of cake addiction
Booty traps & Pooh Bears

‎Spontaneous & equally immune
What’s the point if we can’t have fun
It’s General Grant’s call to play
He who loves personal ads
magic and divination
the study of books long vigils
licentious pleasures
superstitions of Egypt

Let us drink to frozen images of ourselves
to the blue faction of insects
to Cirrus Cumulus
to the Animus of all containers
to what reality looks like
Nature or The Receptacle
Let us drink to the world
to seeing and being seen, to elbow room
to consciousness & discomfort
to sentience & lack of control