Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dear friend of species in their readers

Reason hates me 
marbling meat hooks for what 
for panic and uneven character

I slipped the up word into the down draft
As if my primate rewires habit 
into less visible gains

I love mysteries, eye rolls
What never truly gets inside
X automatically equals X or Y

Signs affirmative or not
Words swallow their neighbors but do not become them
Confined to the body because smallness

Because exclusivity breeds only itself
ending in decline
Against your singular church

Against the jealous Cops
Let us drink to the end of orthodoxy
to the ticket that says ‘admit one’ 

More alive than have ever been dead
Millions wash themselves in light of the moving image
Let us stop here

before poets become polytheists
clowns of fiction
accountants of vigor & empire

before fists of reason 
commit precision 
Militant curiosity 

instrumental at each point
Before thought ascends
& pompous dictates prove nothing

before slag forms 
& carbon rises
before I reach inside to curtain night