Sunday, December 31, 2017

Creative Self Destruct

Hungry for conjugal verbs
Predictive coding
feeling where to insert our poetic machine
Sentience before the word
or suicide by cop

In the almanac of human emotions
the decision happens to me
Tabula rasa for actuaries
My laminate error
gilded or guilty
cock teasing or tasing

The infantry are more direct
Mere headlines don’t talk back
Versed in Grumpy
Erased in Sleepy
Invisible words respond with good fortune
Dwarfs of latent depth

Orange Julius

“I have never seen a thin person drinking diet coke”

Pump twice for Big Gulp
Mr Big Shot comes cream colored
Place lid & use straw to stir
then went down to ungodly seas

No deck chairs I insist
It’s a mafia trick
Free lunch breeds obligation
Check please!

Trust me, no shoulder shrugs
no accounting
it will be extraordinary
How I bow to bookthugs and beseech ye

Hear not and trust not
or you’ll feel nothing
just stand down as they stand up
bad jokes do nothing