Saturday, August 19, 2017

Magazine to feed for (notes on birdsong)

Equal to what she said
will you not (asterisk) my

Will you not

Nesting is not this
not this LP
fourteen songs

After words scarcely
a whisper
closer to synapse

Three fingerlings
one of which
swallows Titlark

I had some chuckles
young Linnet
certain strips not cheesecloth

Not sparrow or Goldfinch
no two eyed monster
no accidental fledge

A mute fortnight
for margins
for allegiance in rapture

Dear Lincolnshire
dear Goatherd
go eat along median

Strip all vegetation
absent judgment
no tears no justice

No cage in which I shalt
mistake the letter
To jerk that pole

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Notes on symptoms

            -for the con man who has everything

Chef Boyardee
Boogie boards
What’s the market on bloated abdominal chest pain
Misidentified as interchangeable parts
I fell to earth
Dog breeds to match life
Separability vs demand for face time
Acts like a lady smells like a man
Neutered intention is how it feels
She knew that he knew that she knew
Problem of low battery power
I’m not ok with planned obsolescence
Not in love with ‘immeasurable fun’
Light head or dry mouth
Poor dexterity and muscle tone 
Motor clumsiness
Experienced pain while writing
Let us praise the cold-flu formulae
God's personal corporation
Vessel that threw out all grace 
In a poem called public utility
His allegiance is to allegiance
Last seen on a boat called Fidele
Cog in Mallarme’s machine
In your face like a Pi chart
Homing device against infernal alternatives
Discharge of utopian meme
Confidence in irrational beauty
Your trans number
Baked into subject position