Monday, August 8, 2016

Thickset v Hotglue

My tongue
stretched for miles
Swath of leg kicks
Cannibal browser

I hedge in the folds
& fell prey
Even Dr. No knows what Red means
The Russian yacht's flag
Ideals of thought
Drowning in the instant
soup – not formulary
but approximate route or canal

The authority to love
By percentage
Points relative to observation
Exactly how a word
between lips
converged or

I was guilty before
Immeasurable space
Between pocket
knife and wrench
‎My confusion
Axioms of grief
They, she
The care taken

All pigeonholes & parsnips
‎Error registers
what body cashed out
Depleted in absence
I dreamt of cake walk
at donut shoppe
No number primed to answer
the stubborn fact

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