Saturday, August 20, 2016

Denial of service

Option anxiety equals
No shirt no shoes
Equals inadequate social surfing
Equals marketing is all we do

Before signal and noise
Before good and evil drew a blank
I found zombies
Mailboxes in your mouth
Back when everything was fucking everything
The biohistory of indiscriminate sharing
Free genetic exchange
Ease and disease
The gag so-called Flowers tangled in what
Power notes
Startled before
No escape
Just interstice & collapse
I embraced negative space as
Or in relation to
the Commons
Receptacle for everything

Signed, Nature

Saturday, August 13, 2016

heart of labyrinth
Each step 
between who knows 
and ‎what thinks

Transmission precedes infection1
All manner of ‎peeled skin
Interstice of dobro and drum
avoiding the b-side
Verbs destroy nouns
All nouns

Now that I have your attention
Connoisseurs who write for no one
Awaiting g-spot
In with the in-crowd
Standing adjacent to forked logic
Called in to request lost lyric 
to whom we owe everything

Missing address  
If the house always wins
Dispositif to no one
Contrast not opposition
Immanent to the choice
to which we are obliged
Please please please 
& thank you thank you

Parasite and host
said to excite no Trojan horse
I swept my mouth off the floor
made myself into a good meal
To inhabit fable as prey
to gut the lambs
gull and starfish
to swallow something

1 Mother of all madrassas
I learned to shed tears
In a factory called love

Monday, August 8, 2016

Thickset v Hotglue

My tongue
stretched for miles
Swath of leg kicks
Cannibal browser

I hedge in the folds
& fell prey
Even Dr. No knows what Red means
The Russian yacht's flag
Ideals of thought
Drowning in the instant
soup – not formulary
but approximate route or canal

The authority to love
By percentage
Points relative to observation
Exactly how a word
between lips
converged or

I was guilty before
Immeasurable space
Between pocket
knife and wrench
‎My confusion
Axioms of grief
They, she
The care taken

All pigeonholes & parsnips
‎Error registers
what body cashed out
Depleted in absence
I dreamt of cake walk
at donut shoppe
No number primed to answer
the stubborn fact