Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adorno’s Nose

“Crisis is a convergence misinterpreted by mankind.”
      -Sadie Plant & Nick Land

The precariat sneeze
Carla's sleeveless
I'm already pink
Animating limbs
Machine parts
That act on dreams
Ergo, poetry is not enough
The better to inflict
‎What’s engineered
For predetermine‎d effect

Selfless organ
For chaotic play
Equally garbled
Toward touch
Waxed wing
Freed of napkin ideals
Single click diaspora
I fed pigeons into Ponzi schemes
Agreement where R > G
Fingers > fists
Legal props yield to
Surveillance of the fittest
This end up

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wet Conceptualism (waterboard)

 "...where the pressure of the given fact bursts [its] concept…, one is obliged to invent another concept..."  -Simone de Beauvoir

morbid appearance
‎What eyesores do

when we fake
pernicious drift

Beyond epigraph
One is obliged
To invent

Too drunk to pee
I saw the stars, son
They're upsetting

Living on mute
Don’t talk to me about Crows
how they fly

Foot in mouth
Some syndrome about the character
of web feet

Or how indirection
Sticks to teeth
Solved by maze

They came wearing berets
Fishing for shotgun shack
The new flesh committee

@Skagit logjam
Too studious
in fear of what a novice‎ might say

What revolts
in the simulated ring
‎of your phone

Each square
For circus equation
Each word against

Each onerous use
Each composite
The letters think they own

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wet Conceptualism

The sarcasm meme
Tears & the litany of words

It all comes down to
All that is solid

Poems that are not poems
Poems that smuggle line breaks into tombs

& die in the arms of prose
Poems that follow horizon to vertical bluff

Hydraulic lift
To immoderate flow

Yes, meet me at listserv
Turn right at heroic MoMA

Chase the emergent props
Subject to the very object

that tracks how hegemonies
fall through our hands

Carpetbagger‎s of modernity
The posse which R US

Out of which we arrive Drooling
Too many flavors or only one

Pint of Boho Raspberry ‎
or Neopolitan‎ Dream

I love this litmus test
Compiling monotone from tricolore

Going deadpan at publicschool
Lost on the upworthy slope

Subject to props‎
to my two body  problem

Erased by a hat