Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rough & Tumbler-er

(or Listerine & Love)

Too mobilized 
To induce artifice 
Frenetic elixir of life
Ultimate novelty of becoming 

It's called ‎Physics 
Thanks to sufficient reason
Thanks to dramatic Echo

No stranger 
against Ambition 
No place of business
No Lord and master 
Forever wrenched 
(or is that wretched?)

Cretan labyrinth 
Gloriously dark 

Any theory of crisis
Couplets that kill
Home manicures & private plays
Precarious tort 
Endless thought police

Here’s the thing
Beneath its name
Song threads into song
Shrink wrapped 
Miracles & prodigies

To remove doubt
Hand divides ear 
Celestial signs
Virgins and saints
Modeled on hideous progress
It is not philosophy 
Engrossed in the business of life
Nor the less probable shadow
Sleeping as the crowd also sleeps
Treasuring the profane place
[What did you just say!?]
Primary unit and example
They go in 
One native village
Feeling below surface
Machine to mold thought
There is no surpassing 
No light at all
No sound 
Just Listerine 
& love in the air

ps. People can do anything
Lisbon earthquake
Spinoza's acknowledgement page
Ego, commodity exchange
Introspection and intuition

The discovery of math
Drive and motive
Useless rigors of organization
Socrates’ finger paintings 
Guardians of insomnia
Riddled with holes