Monday, September 15, 2014

Lyric Intensity - without the hormones

    "If we don't think capitalism it will think us." –Benjamin Noys

Our high noon's unmade
too many loops
painted white to seize silence

signal to noise rates
river and rivulet
tar babies in long lines

Let's ignore donnybrook
ignore violent blanks
upstream of main
doused with silly string
it's the superheroes
versus the clowns
pogo sticks &
impossible pioneers

Vectors of power
invert fingers & trounce
machine tool fragments
thrifting in theory
to macerate hot stuff
in time's kitchen

What do I regret?
I regret the first person singular
I regret market thinking
I regret my tendency to mutter
I regret not being more multiple
Measured nerve
the better to infect
binaries & oblivion
Cowering reptiles
of the raging psychonaut

I regret adaptive estrangement
My body work is also a wall
I regret Auroral events
I regret gated community
lost to discourse
Comic strips
of hate and love
Naked affront
Between eye rolls
& dumb beats

Let’s buff up the new statuary
help me swallow not escape
what bodies can’t do

Animus before containment
when the real precedes
actual life

Monday, September 8, 2014

Teaching myself Blender

       -for K. T.

Convoluted crankshaft
Fractal diseconomy
Black and blue
With a monied reflection
Beat down
To the frenzied beat
I arose to the pentathlon
And jumped gate