Sunday, June 29, 2014

Second Hand Sleep

Narcotic and austere‎
‎Vegetating in a desert island
I see thru clouds
Canals where commercial flotillas live

Life in order that there be poetry
Rendered uneasy in satisfactions
Her imagination
Salvation and justice
The study of hero worship
Petty artisanal duplicity
Men of the workshop
Will overflow or expel
The machine in which caresses
Hold true for future royalty

A universe can imitate the end
Horse races and prestidigitation
Peasants and autodidacts
Companions who died in childbirth
Violent memory
Facing north
Cut shapes to west
Eye where no sun
Center and field
Danced apart

He is an angel‎
A maiden for everyone
Anatomy woven at the loom‎
It was arranged
Vision of half-way house
Rhymes with
My counter-charm prevents
The sport (ecstatic Alps‎)
The sporting‎ life as ant or worm

I could not identify
Blue flower
I could not identify
Hairy madmen
Pictograph of doubled image
Creature of wish
Of the spring
In seance
Robin Hood burning up
Incandescent master
Dressed in newspaper
The unluckiest virgin
Gleaned and annealed

Drink to me assigns‎
‎Gunfire poem
Crumpled horn
Icy finger under siege
Murder won't do
I am 43
Sailing on a lift, angry
Running lost in fragments
Broke-back and dumb
Beautiful tears have blossomed
Orange libraries
In the muscles of men

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