Saturday, April 12, 2014


Could use a cocktail of a more scientific american - one that is 
other-regarding, a friendly operative

Checked my boredom
Voiced each inch
Dreamt I was paid to watch
to self-police
to borrow & bar none
to break house & pots

Young robin throws itself
nose to glass into its own reflection
Tear down thy vanity
Is it right to use all tools
all schools to exploit
to tear down the master's house
to knock down
the precariat fight
to find oneself alone
frail subject bigger
beneath familiar map
Future ghost
salted with salutes
each insignia numb to stimuli
love & tenderness to trump
to impose names with kisses

It is exclamation’s high spot
the brandscape traversed
I learned to spell what’s past
to scream mismatch
to frame bloodflow
to weigh terms
the non-site exposed
or struck – her bite
a trajectory both black and blue
Consistently dead
on deep background
the function of neurons
simplistic addiction
libidinal engineer

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