Saturday, March 15, 2014

Running With The Rabbits

No one claimed
Refusal to take
What’s monstrous to one
To sing the love of danger
to destroy museums
and sing of great crowds
Excited by work, by pleasure
by the utter fool
who does not want to serve as model

By thunderclap
Final proof for good citizens
New morality for moralists

for the libidinal front

Stoned to death
& with death
Carthage itself
and all Africa
soldier of fortune
with indelible cash

of our own repose
officer of monastic life
of equal arrogance and injustice
perfidious extremes
in the new language

Every vice
Faith at Egypt
Three and thirty strokes
King of treachery
Let us withdraw means
Burn our vessels
Exclaim distaff
Remarkable day and days
Disgraced in council and action

Let us doubt therefore
the face, the figures
the abandon
& remain
beat up by the event

Unable to suspend
I made myself into a sandwich
A new hypnotic Crusoe
went all sleeping beauty on me
sighing troubadour
by any other name

It’s all Kryptonite
I’m listening
to a mediocre
Sad sister of Zeus
downstairs from our hotel
No plural possessive
google-ganged up on me
No mother of higher order
Heterodox economy
all knocked up