Sunday, February 2, 2014

Walk In Dandy

Cross hairs of replenished
Stage the ache then
Ping me
Gender is not enough
Loyal to see who cares
To see who winds my ass
In your hand

The career befuddle

Please stop by
Cook me till I'm done
Gift me regards
Next week shall be the end
I prefer insults
Softball hits for
Competitive snitching
I did not recognize
Free market fish

We climbed the stairs
Past parentheses
Past Russian dolls
The long slope of my heel
Transparent pour
For liquid steed
We subsist on hors d'oeuvres
Crawling outside
Work on empty
For bait

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Text Spill

-for BK

Take my muttering
Take crenulation that bays between lips
Diction‎ that sat on a commode
Take Mr. Scallop in nuclear shade

Dorsal recriminations
Teething coasts‎ by
Fluttery brushstroke
Gale force estrangement
Ampersand of future
Lifelines and wave form

Pavement opens
To street talk
Rift of described use
The end of background checks
Test of acceleration
& our eradication
‎At Cheyenne Livestock
& Products Inc.