Saturday, August 24, 2013

Winky – An Affective Map

-for Spike

“...affect is primary, non-conscious, asubjective or presubjective, unqualified and intensive; while emotion is derivative, conscious, qualified and meaningful, a 'content' that can be attributed to an already constituted subject.” -Brian Massumi

Clobbered by names
What belongs to & resonates space
The very 'real' interior action
the way we accept physical limits
so-called virgin siblings
that precede the actual

We can only fill in the blank
invest in hesitation
aswim in false judgment
condensed feeling
to celebrate what emotion captures

Territory is too religious
in other words
a mere trace
the self-bullying extreme
record of what ravaged

Trapped in our own belonging
how we own and are owned
how we hate and love
how we cringe at the sharp blade

How doubled
exceeds its traverse
how immeasurable
intensity cooks

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