Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reckless with Details

not for publication
windthrow events
due to condemnation
opportunities to achieve other directives
to harvest
catastrophic events
all trace of passivity
schizophrenics know they exist
our paradise
status as commodity
stock at the stage of fabrication
considerable chunks
intercourse with Barbarians
the odious name of the Manichees
safety & solidity of regal power
admiration of Byzantine riches

in the original
in the modern appellations of Perigord
in a single day
in the waves
in the naked and disorderly crowd of Africans & Moors
in the splendor & rapidity of their victorious career
in the clouds
in the pity for the man
in the purple
in the ferociousness of manners
in the public esteem
in the property of the father
in the foaming waves
in war
in the general desolation

gratitude of the penitents
immense space
in the eyes of the Chinese
great measure
attack of the bridge
in the enjoyment of peace
the active memory of the eradication
his job
in the face of the complexity
the Platonic Socrates
on point of lance
just sitting there with a prisoner

in a strange part of the ship
even private unhappiness
its more optimistic cast
among all the noise
our recluse
their savior
your last Great Dictator
no intention to form others
the power to exclude
data points
so many customers
in such a foreclosure
entire families
to debt slavery

Friday, June 21, 2013


I am swallowed up in space
I cling to the debris of reason
drowned in its murmuring
naked on the shore

Alien artifacts
relics of future rupture
sorry histories of perceptions
of cyclical catastrophe
ransacking the museum for possible weapons
precipitation on an inclined plane
I’ve come to the end of my slope