Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boxcars - for Steve Farmer

[an idiosyncratic translation of Steve Farmer's tremendous Caravaggio Boxcar Draft]


emotive capture
cupidity's tusk
exiled to action

a prison with legs


your subtraction a bridge
irrational shadow
for six shooters
trapped in space
the numbers or romans
can't paint

weeds where thought
is something to look at

looks like a military kitchen
no chicken in harlem
no film set asleep
north of that brawl
gritty match
whose flame speaks thru you

backwater hues
awhirl in lakes that scoff
to call back and haunt

(O to stay inside with (boy) toy semis
victorious spooning with light sauce)

No disabled
cuff as standing cells
breed wherever reparked
bodies desist

an eyepatch billows
its re-engineered pat-down
patent check for that deep drop
paradigm spiral thru you