Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading Like A Loser

Sorry – that's the best part
Con pompadour – a false likeness
With a mustache less gray

An appreciation for Jerry Lewis
The French were right or moving in that direction

I tried dissociation or it tried me
In paraconsistent logic, that is
We live in pursuit of true contradiction
Not quite ready for True Crime
The reality that transfixed and denied
Even an anti-hero

Her silent scream a calculus that slides
Off bleached white teeth
There is no shorter spontaneity than this
Monosyllabic drivel
Ouch he says, he always says
Ouch – the end

Slaughtered          Emotivity          Nuclei
He moulds sand into the shape of a brick and leaves it to harden
Art alienates         Railroads          Traffic lights